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Geophysical and hydrogeological investigation to study the aquifer potential of northern Gafsa basin (central Tunisia)


An integrated hydrogeological and geophysical survey was carried out to determine the geometry and the lateral extent of potential hydrogeological units in Gafsa North. The layering parameters (resistivity and thickness) were obtained from the interpretations of electrical resistivity survey using the vertical electrical sounding technique and the available data; gamma ray and formation resistivity logs of the existing wells were used to establish geoelectrical cross-sections. However, seismic section permitted to delineate the subsurface geometry of the basin. The geoelectrical cross-sections indicated three main geological units: Plio-Quaternary, Miocene, and Upper Cretaceous exhibiting lateral facies and thickness variations. Piezometric map shows that groundwaters flow from north to south suggesting a general lowering of the groundwater table level toward the south, which can be attributed to the over-exploitation of groundwater to satisfy the increased demand subsequent to the development of agricultural activities. The amount of clays within the Plio-Quaternary aquifer increases from north to south and influences the groundwater flow in the basin. The hydrodynamics is also predisposed to the subsurface structural configuration of the basin controlled by inherited tectonics such folding and faulting.

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