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Study on prediction method of gas emission rate in layered mining of extremely thick coal seam


The prediction of gas emission is an effective measure to prevent gas disasters. In view of the difficulty in predicting the amount of gas emission and the lack of prediction methods in the current horizontal sublevel caving of extremely thick coal seam, this paper takes the Baiqigou coal mine as the engineering background and analyzes the gas emission data during the mining of each horizontal sublevel face in section 2521. Based on the analysis of the data, the calculation model of gas emission coefficient of the first layer in the n-layer mining of extremely thick coal seam was established. This model is used to predict the amount of gas emission from the face of extremely thick coal seam that is exploited by the method of horizontal sublevel mining, and a prediction model for more than four layers is proposed. The results show that the prediction of gas emission from extremely thick coal seam, the relationship between the gas emission coefficient Kf, and the number of layers are exponential functions; this calculation model can determine the gas emission of each layer gas emission coefficient, through field verification and application prediction; the accuracy of this model is over 86%, which provides method reference for the prediction of gas emission in extremely thick coal seam, and has guiding significance for controlling gas emission during mining.

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  • Extremely thick coal seam
  • Layered mining
  • Prediction of gas emission rate
  • Stratified gas emission coefficient