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A novel framework for regional pattern recognition of drought intensities


Climatological information, especially for complex and ambiguous natural phenomena such as drought hazards, is essential in early warning mitigation policy modules. There is a need for a standardized framework for incorporating climatological information. Here, we proposed a new framework—regional accumulated drought intensity pattern determinate (RADIPD)—to enhance the regional climatological information for drought monitoring. Our proposed framework RADIPD has two phases. In the first phase of the proposed framework, time series data of various meteorological stations located in the homogenous region is suggested to aggregate using an appropriate weighting scheme. In the second phase, the accumulated time series data is recommended to observe intensities of various drought episodes. Hence, the second phase of the RADIPD consists of propagating the regional accumulated drought concentration index (RADCI). The proposed framework is applied on six meteorological stations located in the northern region of Pakistan at a one-month scale (scale-1) using three commonly used drought indices such as Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI), Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI), and Standardized Precipitation Temperature Index (SPTI). It is observed that the RADIPD extracts spatiotemporal information about extreme events more comprehensively than commonly used regional classification and categorization drought indices. In summary, this study motivates researchers, policy-makers, and stakeholders to use the accurate and more representative temporal characterization of drought hazards in a specific region.

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Niaz, R., Hussain, I., Ali, Z. et al. A novel framework for regional pattern recognition of drought intensities. Arab J Geosci 14, 1644 (2021).

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  • Drought
  • Regional pattern recognition
  • Standardized drought indices (SDI)
  • Spatiotemporal data
  • Pakistan