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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Detection of rare earth elements in groundwater based on SAR imaging algorithm and fatigue intervention of dance training

This article was retracted on 17 November 2021

An Editorial Expression of Concern to this article was published on 28 September 2021

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This paper studies the detection of rare earth elements (REEs) in groundwater and the intervention of dance training fatigue based on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging algorithm. Among them, the radar 3D imaging technology is to add a new synthetic aperture in the direction perpendicular to the 2D SAR imaging plane, so that 3D imaging can be carried out. The two-dimensional SAR plane image is obtained by two-dimensional matched filtering of the echo signal. It is the result of the projection of the real three-dimensional space on the range azimuth plane. Each pixel value of the two-dimensional SAR plane image is the result of the superposition of all scattering points with different heights in the same range azimuth unit in the three-dimensional space. There are geometric distortions such as overlap, shadow and stretch, which results in the lack of three-dimensional information. Groundwater is the main water source of the plain, accounting for more than 70% of the total water supply. The study of evolution law of groundwater chemical composition based on SAR imaging algorithm is not only helpful to provide scientific data for the sustainable development and utilization of groundwater in plain, but also helpful to further understand the hydrogeochemical process of groundwater in plain. The spatial distribution, temporal development and REE distribution of the main components of shallow groundwater and deep groundwater in North China Plain were investigated. Finally, according to the theory of modern physiology and traditional medicine about the research results of sports burnout, this paper selects the university students who specialize in sports dance as the research object and uses the methods of literature, question table, interview and mathematical statistics to investigate. It can be found that among the three kinds of sports burnout, physical burnout starts first, and then visceral burnout, the last is the sense of mental weariness. There are some differences between boys and girls in fatigue parts. Modern dance is more likely to cause chronic fatigue than Latin dance.

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This paper was supported by “Blue project” of colleges and universities in Jiangsu.

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  • SAR imaging algorithm
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  • Rare earth element
  • Dance training
  • Fatigue intervention