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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Risk assessment of extreme rainfall climate change and sports stadium sports based on video summarization algorithm

This article was retracted on 09 November 2021

An Editorial Expression of Concern to this article was published on 28 September 2021

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Based on the research of existing video summarization algorithms, this paper proposes a video summarization algorithm based on block sparse representation. This algorithm is mainly used to record multi-screen videos with similar content and to create video advertisements for multiple videos. First, the video is divided into multiple blocks according to the similarity, and the size of the block is controlled, and then, multiple video blocks are embedded in the space, and representative video blocks are selected through sparse display. This study is based on the annual heavy rainfall in a specific area of the Loess Plateau in 2020 and takes the factors that affect the risk of college sports as the research object. The goal of this article is to evaluate and determine the degree of sports risk in colleges and universities through the establishment of a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, determine the weight of risk indicators, and determine the risk prevention system. On this basis, this article puts forward some suggestions: improve students’ self-awareness, improve safety awareness, strengthen the safety guidance of physical education teachers, increase the importance of school leaders’ safety, improve the school’s risk prevention mechanism, and strengthen the emergency response capabilities of ordinary medical staff, strengthen the management of medical staff, strengthen the management of school sports facilities, build and improve student sports injury insurance, make contributions to the management of sports risk prevention in colleges and universities, and lay the foundation for the construction of a healthy campus. Therefore, this paper uses the existing abstract video technology to describe and study the extreme rainfall climate in a certain place and conduct a narrative research on the sports risk assessment in university stadiums.

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