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Simulation study on sectional ventilation of long-distance high-temperature roadway in mine


In order to solve the thermal damage caused by the long-distance high-temperature roadway mining stage in the late stage of the 20th middle section of the Daliuhang gold mine, fluent software and Ventsim software were used to simulate the tunnel cooling model. Firstly, the idea of sectional ventilation and cooling in long-distance high-temperature roadway is put forward, and the mathematical model of sectional uniform ventilation is established according to the theory of fluid mechanics. Secondly, the Fluent software is used to simulate and test the mathematical model. Thirdly, the Ventsim software is used to optimize the mine ventilation system, and the sectional ventilation cooling design is carried out. Finally, the cooling effect of roadway with conventional forced ventilation and sectional ventilation is simulated, and the simulation results are analyzed. The results show that: in the 220-m-long roadway in the late mining stage of the 20th middle section, the cooling effect of the roadway with sectional ventilation is about 15% higher than that of the conventional local ventilation. The cooling effect of the conventional forced ventilation near the working face of the 20th middle section is better than that of the sectional ventilation; when the return air distance exceeds 70m, the sectional ventilation cooling method is better than the conventional local ventilation cooling method.

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This work was supported by the Acknowledgements Financial support is provided by the National Science Foundation of China (51874187); Outstanding Youth Innovation Team Project in Shandong Colleges and Universities (2019KJH008); and Efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines Open Fund of Key Laboratory of Ministry Of Education (ustbmslab201802).

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  • Long-distance high-temperature roadway
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  • Sectional uniform ventilation