Multifractal modeling of the gold mineralization in the Takab area (NW Iran)


Reconstruction of structural controls on hydrothermal deposits is fundamental to predictive models of different ore deposits. Since fractal/multifractal modeling is an effective instrument for separation of geological and mineralized zones from background, therefore concentration-distance to magnetic basement lineament (C-DMBL) fractal model and distribution of Au anomalies were used to classify Au mineralizations according to their distance to magnetic basement lineament. Application of the C-DMBL model for the classification of Au mineralization in the Takab 1:100,000 sheets based on streams sediment data, reveals that the main gold mineralizations have a strong correlation with their distance to magnetic basement lineament in the area. The distances of gold extreme anomalies having Au values higher than 692 ppb to magnetic basement lineament are less than 2 km showing a positive correlation between Au anomalies and tectonic events. Moreover, gold mines have average distances to magnetic basement lineament less than 6 km and validate the results derived via the C-DMBL fractal model. The C-DMBL fractal modeling can be utilized for the reconnaissance and prospecting of magmatic and hydrothermal deposits.

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  • C-DMBL
  • Takab area
  • Hydrothermal deposits
  • Iran