Impact of the pre-processings on the fractal properties of the airborne gamma ray measurements: a case study from Hoggar (Algeria)


The analysis of gamma ray measurements provides valuable information about the basement’s lithospherical model and the radioactive elements contained in the subsurface. To be exploited, the raw data need pre-processing operations which consist of corrections of the Compton effect, altimetry and the aircraft background, and 2D interpolations. These transformations may modify the data’s stochastic component which reflects heterogeneities of the investigated medium. In this study, a fractal analysis is carried out on airborne gamma ray data measured in the Hoggar’s area (Algeria). First, it is shown that the analyzed data exhibit fractal properties. Due to the dependence of the latter on the spatial location of the measures, the data can be considered as paths of multifractional Brownian motions. Another result worth noting is that the fractal nature of the raw data is not modified by the pre-processing operations. The fractal analysis can be then performed on the raw spectrometric measurements without submitting them to any pre-processing; thus, the stochastic component of the measurements is kept intact.

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This work was supported by the Algerian–French program CMEP—PHC Tassili N°09 MDU 787.

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Gaci, S., Zaourar, N., Briqueu, L. et al. Impact of the pre-processings on the fractal properties of the airborne gamma ray measurements: a case study from Hoggar (Algeria). Arab J Geosci 6, 1055–1062 (2013).

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  • Hoggar
  • Airborne spectrometric data
  • Fractal
  • Hölder exponent