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Gurock, Jeffrey S. The Jews of Harlem: The Rise, Decline, and Revival of a Jewish Community. New York University Press, 2016, pp. 320. Price: $35.00 and Tavory, Iddo. Summoned: Identification and Religious Life in a Jewish Neighborhood. University of Chicago Press, pp. 224. Price: $27.50

  • Stuart Schoenfeld

Both of these publications are studies of urban Jewish neighborhoods — one in New York City, one in Los Angeles, the first by a historian, the second by a sociologist. Perhaps they will encourage more scholarly research on the local geography of 21st-century Jewish life.

With The Jews of Harlem, Jeffrey Gurock’s productive career as a historian comes full circle, as he returns to the topic of his first book, When Harlem Was Jewish: 1870–1930. The current book, which has a broader scope than the earlier one, is best read together with his contribution to the three volumes of Jews of Promise: A History of the Jews of New York, edited by Deborah Dash Moore. Gurock’s contribution to the series Jews in Gotham: New York Jews in a Changing City, 1920–2010 traces population movements and institutional developments through New York neighborhoods over the course of ninety years. Jews in Gotham itself makes the connection with The Jews of Harlemby beginning with comments about a Jewish return...

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