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Calvin Goldscheider: Israeli Society in the 21st Century: Immigration, Inequality, and Religious Conflict

Brandeis University Press, 2015, 304 pp, $35.00
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Calvin Goldscheider is an original thinker and I have found his previous work on American Jewry to be intellectually adventurous and consistently compelling. I opened his new book on Israeli society with high expectations, and was not disappointed.

The first section of the book establishes the role of demography in the foundation and background of Israeli society. The second section discusses urbanization, religion, and gender roles as structural and cultural factors that are key ingredients shaping social change and inequality. The third section provides an analysis of “inequalities based on gender, ethnic, and religious characteristics.” It includes a discussion of the structure of social class in Israel and the generational transmission of social class inequalities. The final section looks at marriage and family formation. The final chapter on “emergent Israeli society” reviews three “externals” that enhance “the understanding of internal developments in Israel’s changing society:”...


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