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Getting over convergence theory

Review of Pippa Norris, Ronald Inglehart (2009): “Cosmopolitan Communications. Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World”. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Johannes StaemmlerEmail author

This volume on the impact of media use should have been labeled ‘Getting over Convergence Theory’. Norris and Inglehart, two outstanding scholars with independent and widely read oeuvres, have joint forces to deconstruct the ‘convergence’ argument that Western media content and its dissemination structures lead to global domination of Western culture. Instead, they argue that limited access to Western media and individual learning patterns hinder the spread of Western culture through media.

Convergence theory has become an intuitive attachment to the globalization discourse and its critics. It appeared plausible especially since many Western scholars and travelers have experienced the comforting effects of familiar food and drinks, news channels and books when being in developing and emerging countries. One of the bottom lines of this theory is even shared by Norris and Inglehart who easily prove that the global exchange of information and so called cultural goods flow mainly from the...

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