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SGDB: A Sugarcane Germplasm Database


Collection, conservation, characterization, maintenance and utilization of plant genetic resources are essential components of crop improvement programs. Sugarcane Germplasm Database was developed for 45 descriptors on 131 germplasm accessions using MySQL 5.6 server, Dreamweaver web design tool, JAVA programming language and Apache Tomcat server to rationalize storage, retrieve, update, query and report data for multiuser environment. The information included data on 27 distinct, uniform and stable descriptors as described in PPV & FRA, India, 18 agronomic and quality descriptors and pictures in JPEG format on the most distinctive features. The database will be useful to sugarcane breeders to identify the accessions and in selecting parents for targeted traits in hybridization and crop improvement in sugarcane.

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We are thankful to the Coordinator, Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility, Department of Bioinformatics, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences for providing computational facilities to build the database.

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