In Vitro Regeneration of Saccharum edule From Immature Inflorescence


Saccharum edule is grown in Pacific islands for its edible, aborted inflorescence. This species is not amenable for conventional hybridization programme for improvement of sugarcane as it does not produce normal flowers. For in vitro multiplication of this species, immature inflorescence slices of 1 mm thick were inoculated on modified MS medium supplemented with 1 mg l−1 NAA + 2,4-D (5–50 mg l−1). Compact and nodular calli were observed in medium supplemented with 40 mg l−1 2,4-D. This calli were sub-cultured on medium supplemented with 1 mg l−1 NAA + BAP (2–10 mg l−1), good regeneration (327 shoots/Explant) were obtained. The regenerated plants were planted in field after rooting and hardening. The field grown plants were morphologically similar to the parental clones with similar aborted inflorescence.

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