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Editor-in-Chief Round-up: JNC’s top performers of 2017, JNC/ASNC Podcast, Manuscript Transfer Service and our new section ‘Basic and Translational Preclinical Studies’

  • Ami E. Iskandrian

JNC/ASNC Podcast

Thanks to the efforts of JNC’s associate editors and our authors, the Journal has published a number of editor-author audio interviews as electronic supplementary material (ESM) alongside select original articles. The footnote of each of these articles highlights the availability of the interview, and all interview files are freely available to download as an MP3 from SpringerLink. Nevertheless, this process asks a lot of our readers; for them to read the article footnote in full, to locate the article online and to then download the audio interview to their device.

In response to this we have launched the JNC/ASNC Podcast, available via iTunes and the Google Play store. Subscribers to the podcast will receive automated updates as and when new audio interviews become available, removing the need to manually locate and download them. There are a handful of audio interviews already available via the podcast for you to enjoy, with regular interviews in the pipeline. For...



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