Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism

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Nutrition-linked chronic disease and periodontitis: are they the two faces of the same coin?

  • Juan Manuel Morillo
  • Pedro Bullon
  • María del Carmen Ramirez-Tortosa
  • José Luis Quiles
  • Hubert N. Newman
  • Enrico Bertoli
  • Maurizio Battino


There is increasing evidence of a relationship between periodontitis and several nutrition-linked chronic conditions, such as obesity, dyslipidaemia and metabolic syndrome, with a putative bidirectional influence between periodontal disease and each condition. An association between several dietary factors and the progression of periodontitis is relevant to this relationship. Thus, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, lactic acid foods, soy products and a diet rich in vegetables and fresh food appear to be favourable for better periodontal health, whereas a lipid-rich diet may be detrimental to periodontal tissues.


Oxidative stress Inflammation Dyslipidaemia Obesity Metabolic syndrome Diet Periodontitis 


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  • Pedro Bullon
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  • María del Carmen Ramirez-Tortosa
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  • José Luis Quiles
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  • Hubert N. Newman
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  • Enrico Bertoli
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  • Maurizio Battino
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