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Table 1 Stratification of patients based on likelihood of accurate CIDP diagnosis

From: A Global Survey of Disease Burden in Patients Who Carry a Diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

Unlikely CIDP patient
 Reported no muscle weakness as symptom of CIDP
 Did not report having neurophysiologic tests performed when diagnosed
Somewhat likely CIDP patient
 Reported weakness, but not consistently
 Reported symptoms were at their worst in less than 2 months from onset (without prior diagnosis of GBS)
 Reported symptoms were not symmetric
Likely CIDP patient
 Absence of the factors listed above
 Includes patients with an initial diagnosis of GBS but that was later changed to CIDP because of a clinical event beyond 8 weeks
  1. CIDP chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, GBS Guillain–Barré syndrome