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Table 3 Comparison of patient journey mapping approaches for select NCDs

From: A Narrative Review of the Patient Journey Through the Lens of Non-communicable Diseases in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Study NCD Regiona Stages outlined
Thrift-Perry et al. [9] Breast cancer HIC, LIC, MIC Awareness/recognition
Coordinated care
Ongoing management
Mohr et al. [10] Schizophrenia HIC (Europe) Premorbid phase/preventive measures
Prodromal phase/early detection, early intervention
Acute episode/treatment initiation
Long-term phase/relapse prevention
Fennelly et al. [11] Musculoskeletal disorders HIC (Ireland) First clinician appointment
Subsequent clinician appointment
APP appointment
Initial referral
Additional APP appointment
Sköld et al. [12] Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis HIC (Sweden) Time to disease diagnosis
Medication use
Treatment pattern
Adherence, persistence, and length of treatment
Kassouf et al. [13] Bladder cancer HIC (Canada) Pre-diagnosis (signs/symptoms)
Time of diagnosis/pre-treatment
During treatment
After treatment (living “the new normal”)
Alkandari et al. [14] Peripheral neuropathy HIC (Kuwait) GP visit in primary care
Blood test
General pain management
Referral to general hospital
Complete investigations
Continue general pain management
Referral to neurologist in general hospital
Advanced investigations
Continue general pain management and first-line treatment
Referral to neurology specialist in national hospital
Advanced investigations and physical examination
Continue general pain management and first-line treatment and start second-line or third-line treatment
Follow-up, monitoring, and review medications
  1. APP advanced practice physiotherapist, GP general physician, HIC high-income countries, LIC low-income countries, MIC middle-income countries, NCD noncommunicable disease
  2. aClassified according to the World Bank income classification