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Table 3 Derived HRQoL weights values SHIFT average patient (heart rate ≥75 bpm)

From: Analyzing Health-Related Quality of Life Data to Estimate Parameters for Cost-Effectiveness Models: An Example Using Longitudinal EQ-5D Data from the SHIFT Randomized Controlled Trial

Health state HRQoL weights
Standard care (no hospitalization)
 NYHA I 0.823
 NYHA II 0.738
 NYHA III 0.643
 NYHA IV 0.457
HRQoL weights loss hospitalization
 NYHA I −0.07
 NYHA II −0.03
 NYHA III −0.08
 NYHA IV −0.21
Treatment effect ivabradine 0.014
  1. NYHA New York Heart Association, bpm beats per minute