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Table 1 Examples of patient feedback received by topic

From: Development and Evaluation of a New Technological Way of Engaging Patients and Enhancing Understanding of Drug Tolerability in Early Clinical Development: PROACT

Topic Example feedback
Safety Patient was monitoring own blood pressure and sending results back to medical team in between visits
Example quotes include:
“I spent Sunday in bed shaking off a headache and feeling unwell”
“I’m not doing an awful lot because of the fatigue that is really quite, quite overwhelming”
Convenience “The taste of the pills is unpleasant even though they are in the mouth for only a couple of seconds, … If it was possible to mask the taste of the pills that might help”
“A 12 h interval between taking the medicine which requires a 3 h fast, 2 before and 1 after, is inconvenient as say, 0700 h [morning administration] and 1900 h [evening administration] … is not a good time in the evening to fast if you are trying to live a normal life”
Study design “I have been fairly tired as this is second day after chemo and the fairly demanding day of giving blood for the trial”