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Biosemiotics in a Gallery


In this article we review the biosemiotic art exhibition «Signs of life» (Livstegn), that was organized by the Danish installation artist Morten Skriver and the biosemiotician Jesper Hoffmeyer in 2011 at the Esbjerg Art Museum (Denmark). The exhibition presented five central (bio)semiotic concepts using artistic tools: the semiosphere, the sign, semiotic scaffolding, semiotic freedom, and surfaces.

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  1. 1.

    Cf. a short review of this exhibition made by Danish journalist H. Flohr (2011).


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The preparation of this review has been supported by grant ETF8403 and CECT.

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  • Art and science
  • Semiosphere
  • Sign
  • Index
  • Semiotic scaffolding
  • Semiotic freedom
  • Surfaces
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