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, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 591–595 | Cite as

Heinisch, Rheinhard C./Holtz-Bacha, Christina/Mazzoleni, Oscar (Hrsg.). 2017. Political Populism. A Handbook

Baden-Baden: Nomos. 438 S., € 58,00
  • Manuel Anselmi

These last years have been characterized by a considerable increase in publications on the theme of populism to the point that one could almost speak of an actual “populism renaissance”. This renewed scientific attention is not merely due to a quantitative increase in populism on a global scale, but also to a qualitative increase. While it is indeed true that today we can find populism phenomena in all continents, both in the more advanced democracies and in the less stable ones; it is equally true that we can distinguish new forms of populism, which were completely unknown until a few decades ago. Today we may speak about telepopulism, media populism, webpopulism, to name some examples, which are new modes of populism typical of modern configurations of democracy.

In this varied and multifaceted panorama, the publication of the volume “Political Populism. A Handbook”, edited by Reinhard Heinisch, Christina Holtz-Bacha and Oscar Mazzoleni, is a useful tool for the reader to orient...

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