Gold-vapor-assisted chemical vapor deposition of aligned monolayer WSe2 with large domain size and fast growth rate


Orientation-controlled growth of two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) may enable many new electronic and optical applications. However, previous studies reporting aligned growth of WSe2 usually yielded very small domain sizes. Herein, we introduced gold vapor into the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process as a catalyst to assist the growth of WSe2 and successfully achieved highly aligned monolayer WSe2 triangular flakes grown on c-plane sapphire with large domain sizes (130 µm) and fast growth rate (4.3 µm·s−1). When the aligned WSe2 domains merged together, a continuous monolayer WSe2 was formed with good uniformity. After transferring to Si/SiO2 substrates, field effect transistors were fabricated on the continuous monolayer WSe2, and an average mobility of 12 cm2·V−1·s−1 was achieved, demonstrating the good quality of the material. This report paves the way to study the effect of catalytic metal vapor in the CVD process of TMDCs and contributes a novel approach to realize the growth of aligned TMDC flakes.

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We would like to acknowledge the collaboration of this research with King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) via The Center of Excellence for Nanotechnologies (CEGN). A portion of the images and data used in this article were generated at the Core Center of Excellence in Nano Imaging (CNI), University of Southern California.

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  • two-dimensional materials
  • transition metal dichalcogenides
  • tungsten diselenide (WSe2)
  • chemical vapor deposition
  • aligned growth