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Strategies to obtain pattern fidelity in nanowire growth from large-area surfaces patterned using nanoimprint lithography

  • Gaute Otnes
  • Magnus Heurlin
  • Mariusz Graczyk
  • Jesper Wallentin
  • Daniel Jacobsson
  • Alexander Berg
  • Ivan Maximov
  • Magnus T. Borgström
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Position controlled nanowire growth is important for nanowire-based optoelectronic components which rely on light emission or light absorption. For solar energy harvesting applications, dense arrays of nanowires are needed; however, a major obstacle to obtaining dense nanowire arrays is seed particle displacement and coalescing during the annealing stage prior to nanowire growth. Here, we explore three different strategies to improve pattern preservation of large-area catalyst particle arrays defined by nanoimprint lithography for nanowire growth. First, we see that heat treating the growth substrate prior to nanoimprint lithography improves pattern preservation. Second, we explore the possibility of improving pattern preservation by fixing the seed particles in place prior to annealing by modifying the growth procedure. And third, we show that a SiN x growth mask can fully prevent seed particle displacement. We show how these strategies allow us to greatly improve the pattern fidelity of grown InP nanowire arrays with dimensions suitable for solar cell applications, ultimately achieving 100% pattern preservation over the sampled area. The generic nature of these strategies is supported through the synthesis of GaAs and GaP nanowires.


semiconductor nanowire nanoimprint lithography metal–organic vapor phase epitaxial (MOVPE) patterning 


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Strategies to obtain pattern fidelity in nanowire growth from large-area surfaces patterned using nanoimprint lithography


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  • Magnus Heurlin
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  • Mariusz Graczyk
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  • Jesper Wallentin
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  • Daniel Jacobsson
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  • Alexander Berg
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  • Ivan Maximov
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  • Magnus T. Borgström
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