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Free-standing palladium-nickel alloy wavy nanosheets

  • Weng-Chon Cheong
  • Chuhao Liu
  • Menglei Jiang
  • Haohong Duan
  • Dingsheng Wang
  • Chen ChenEmail author
  • Yadong LiEmail author
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Two-dimensional nanomaterials (2DNMs) have attracted increasing attention due to their unique properties and promising applications. Unlike 2DNMs with lamellar structures, metal ultrathin 2DNMs are difficult to synthesize and stabilize because they tend to form close-packed crystal structures. Most reported cases consist of monometallic and heterogeneous nanostructures. The synthesis of metal alloy 2DNMs has been rarely reported. Here, we report the synthesis of PdNi alloy wavy nanosheets (WNSs) using an enhanced CO-confinement strategy. This strategy is also suitable to the synthesis of other Pd-based alloy WNSs such as PdCu, PdFe, and even a trimetallic PdFeNi.


Pd Ni alloy nanosheets carbon monoxide 


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  • Chuhao Liu
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  • Menglei Jiang
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  • Haohong Duan
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  • Dingsheng Wang
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  • Chen Chen
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  • Yadong Li
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