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Bakterien-induzierte Morphogenese mariner Eukaryoten


The chemical analysis of bacteria-induced morphogenesis of marine microeukaryotes and invertebrates is of fundamental importance and provides insight into metazoan evolution and the origins of morphological complexity. In only few cases the morphogenesis-inducing bacteria could be characterized and the responsible signalling molecules identified. Using defined model systems of cross-kingdom interactions is essential to dissect the molecular mechanisms and chemical signals involved.

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Christine Beemelmanns Jahrgang 1981. 20012006 Chemiestudium (Diplom) an der RTWH Aachen. 20072010 Promotion in Organischer Chemie an der FU Berlin. 20102011 Postdoc am Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), DAAD-Stipendium. 20112013 Postdoc an der Harvard Medical School, USA, Leopoldina-Stipendium. Seit 2013 Nachwuchsgruppenleiterin am Leibniz-Institut für Naturstoff-Forschung und Infektionsbiologie (HKI), Jena.

Maja Rischer Jahrgang 1989. 20092012 Biologiestudium (Bachelor) an der Universität Jena, dort 20122014 Mikrobiologiestudium (Master). Seit 2014 Doktorandin an der Universität Jena.

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