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Der Beitrag der Gene beim Parkinson-Syndrom

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BIOspektrum Aims and scope


In the past two decades, a number of genetic causes of Parkinson disease (PD) have been elucidated. This includes both monogenic forms in which a single mutation is sufficient to cause PD and genetic risk factors. The latter only increase the susceptibility for PD and additional, likely environmental hits are necessary to develop the disease. PD genes such as LRRK2 and Parkin often encode proteins involved in mitochondrial function, protein degradation, or response to oxidative stress.

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Correspondence to Katja Lohmann.

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Katja Lohmann Jahrgang 1977. 19952000 Biologiestudium an den Universitäten Dresden und Halle. 20012002 Forschungsaufenthalt am Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA. 2003 Promotion am Institut für Humangenetik, Universität zu Lübeck. 2005 Postdoc an der Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, USA. 2010 Habilitation, Lübeck. Seit 2010 Arbeits gruppenleiterin und seit 2013 stellvertretende Leiterin des neu gegründeten Instituts für Neurogenetik an der Universität zu Lübeck.

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