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The longest trichobezoar (59 in.) presented with gastric perforation and multiple small bowel intussusceptions—a unique presentation


A trichobezoar is an old entity which arises out of eating own hairs. These patients are psychiatrically ill, leading them to eat their own hairs. We report a case of a 15-year-old girl with severe pain in the abdomen, tachycardia, chronic malnutrition, and cachexia. On CT scan examination, we found gastric perforation and multiple intussusceptions in the entire small bowel with trichobezoar extending up to the ileum and gastric perforation. We surgically removed the entire trichobezoar intact along with perforation repair and reduction of all intussusceptions. The tail of the trichobezoar was 59 in. long.

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Keyur, B., Dhaval, M. & Daxa, K. The longest trichobezoar (59 in.) presented with gastric perforation and multiple small bowel intussusceptions—a unique presentation. Indian J Surg 83, 1083–1085 (2021).

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  • Longest trichobezoar
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