Upper Eyelid Gold Weight Implantation for Facial Nerve Palsy—Short-Term and Long-Term Results


Lid loading with upper eyelid gold weight implants is one of the more accepted ways of treating facial paralysis-related lagophthalmos. This study evaluates the short- and long-term outcomes of the technique in terms of objective and subjective functional and aesthetic outcomes. Two groups of 10 patients in each group were included in the study for prospective and retrospective evaluation of outcome of upper eyelid gold weight implant in Indian ethnicity. Assessment of the weight and dimension of gold implant was done in both sexes along with an evaluation of patient satisfaction, medical observations and ophthalmological assessment for corneal integrity, symmetry and exposure. Chi-square test, Friedman’s test and Wilcoxon rank-sum (Mann–Whitney) test. The mean weight–length of the implant for appropriate correction was noted as 1.12 g (range 0.9–1.3 g) and 17.8 mm (range 16–20 mm). Initial postsurgical congestion and eyelid oedema was near universal. Comparing the short-term and long-term assessments, palpebral fissure height reduction and eye closure was noted as stable and all subjective parameters were relatively consistent. Nineteen of 20 patients reported satisfaction with the cosmetic and functional results. Upper eyelid loading by gold weight implantation results in consistent and sustained improvement for eye closure in patients with facial paralysis.

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