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Spontaneous Cholecystocutaneous Fistula—Not an Old Time Story

  • Yamini KapoorEmail author
  • Gurjit Singh
  • Manila Khokhar
Case Report


Cases of spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula continue to attend surgical outpatient department in-spite of tremendous improvement in early diagnosis and treatment of gallbladder disease. It occurs as a complication of acute suppurative cholecystitis or neglected chronic cholecystitis due to cholelithiasis. We report two cases of spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula due to chronic cholecystitis with review of literature.


Spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula Cholelithiasis Biliary fistula 


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  1. 1.Department of General surgerySri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Science and ResearchAmritsarIndia
  2. 2.GurgaonIndia

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