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“Huge Axillary Mass - Neurofibroma Brachial Plexus”

  • Dharmendra MehtaEmail author
  • D. D. Mehta
  • M. B. Shaam
  • J. K. Yadav
Case Report


Axillary swelling arising from soft tissue is not uncommon. Lipoma, Lymphadenopathy due to Kochs or Lymphoma are commonest swellings seen but firm to hard non tender mass arising from maninges of Brachial plexus is not so common. Usually these masses are benign but one may come across malignant tumour. Twenty-three year male presented with mass in anterior chest wall & arm pit having no other specific complaints, was diagnosed as Spindle cell tumour on FNAC & excision biopsy turned out to be Neurofibroma of Brachial plexus.


Brachial plexus Axilla Axillary artery Neurofibroma Thorax 



Dept. of anaesthesia specially to Dr. Sadhana, O. T. Staff Mr. Abhay, Dept. of Pathology specifically to Prof. S.S. Nandedkar for providing HPE supportive evidences, For Post op. care Sr. Neelu, Jitendra & others, Mr. Mukesh Pawar Medical Record Incharge and Mr. Balram Sahu for photography.


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  • D. D. Mehta
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  • M. B. Shaam
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  • J. K. Yadav
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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryShri Aurobindo Institute of Medical SciencesIndoreIndia
  2. 2.M.G.M. Medical CollegeIndoreIndia

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