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  • Sampath K. L. Kumar
  • C. Obula Reddy
  • Keertinmayee Reddy
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Omphalolith (Umbolith) is uncommon under normal circumstances. However in a deeply retracted umbilicus in an obese individual, accumulation of sebum and keratin may lead to the formation of a stone. This calculus may remain undiagnosed for many years until revealed by secondary infection or ulceration.We report an intersting case of omphalolith in an elderly woman.


Umbilicus Omphalolith 


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  • Sampath K. L. Kumar
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  • C. Obula Reddy
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  • Keertinmayee Reddy
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  1. 1.Rajeev Gandhi Institute of Medical SciencesKadapaIndia
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