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My burning issues in the management of liver metastases of advanced colorectal cancer

  • Peter Tschann
  • Stephanie Rauch
  • Paolo Girotti
  • Holger Rumpold
  • Ingmar Königsrainer


Years ago liver metastases of any primary location were mostly treated by chemotherapy only and were associated with a poor prognosis. In the past few years, the surgical management of liver metastasis has received much hype because of new options in preoperative therapy and because of better (sometimes combined) interventional and surgical techniques. Many studies showed that liver metastases (LM) have an influence in long-term prognosis of metastasised diseases [1], especially in case of colorectal cancer liver metastasis (CRLM).

There are several problems in liver resections. Most frequent are postoperative infections, bleeding and bile leak, whereas an insufficient future liver remnant (IFLR) is a life-threatening central problem in liver surgery [ 2]. The future liver remnant (FLR) should not fall under 25–30% (Fig.  1) in a healthy liver. In chemotherapied or cirrhotic liver, FLR must be more than 40% [ 3]. Liver insufficiency (LI) is a clinical syndrome which fails to...


Conflict of interest

P. Tschann, S. Rauch, P. Girotti, H. Rumpold, and I. Königsrainer declare that they have no competing interests.


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  1. 1.Department of General and Thoracic SurgeryAcademic Teaching Hospital FeldkirchFeldkirchAustria
  2. 2.Department of Medicine II (Gastroenterology and Oncology)Academic Teaching Hospital FeldkirchFeldkirchAustria

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