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  • Alois Sillaber

All issues of the journal memo—Magazine of European Medical Oncology are accessible and available worldwide via the platform SpringerLink ( A look at the recent years of this online presence shows how successful the journal is in the electronic world.

An overview of the development of full-text downloads since 2013 (Fig. 1) shows how great the interest in the content of memo—Magazine of European Medical Oncology is—an interest that is growing steadily: The number of full-text downloads in 2013 was 10,239, had already reached 20,936 in 2016 and can be expected to reach 32,000 in 2017.
Fig. 1

SpringerLink full-text article requests from 2013–2017. (Source: COUNTER Reporting/Business Warehouse)

However, the analysis of access by geographic origin (Fig. 2) is at least as impressive as the number of visitors, since this shows that memo—Magazine of European Medical Oncology is an internationally recognized and appreciated publication. In fact, 34% of all full-text downloads come from Europe, 30% from North America, 27% from the Asia-Pacific region and the remaining 9% from South America, Africa and the Middle East.
Fig. 2

Visits by geography in 2016. (Source: WebTrekk)

Fig. 3

Full-text article requests by content age in 2016. (Source: COUNTER Reporting/Business Warehouse)

Of interest is also the evaluation of the access according to the year of publication of the respective article (Fig. 3). Here it can be seen that there has been a comparatively high proportion of accesses (31%) to current articles published in 2016—proof positive that the Editor-in-Chief has a talent for recognizing the “hot topics” in his specialist area.

Alois Sillaber


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