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Identification and Molecular Characterization of a New Omono River Virus Isolated from Culex Tritaeniorhynchus in Yunnan, China

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This research was supported by grants from the National Key R&D Program of China (2017YFC1200802), National Science and Technology Major Project of China (2018ZX10711001-003-001), the State Key Laboratories Program of China (SKLPBS1817), and the Yunnan Health Training Project of High Level Talents (D-201604).

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Zhang, Y., Qiang, X., Guo, X. et al. Identification and Molecular Characterization of a New Omono River Virus Isolated from Culex Tritaeniorhynchus in Yunnan, China. Virol. Sin. 36, 152–154 (2021).

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