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Application of VP1 protein to develop monoclonal antibody against foot-and-mouth disease virus Asia1 type

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In order to develop an anti-FMDV Asia1 type monoclonal antibody (mAb), BABL/c mice were immunized with recombinant FMDV VP1 protein. Three mAbs, 1B8, 5E1 and 5E2, were then further optimized. The result indicated that prepared anti-FMDV Asia1 mAbs had no cross-reactivity with Swine vesicular disease (SVD) and FMDV O, A and C type antigen. Their titers in abdomen liquor were 1:5×106, 1:2×106 and 1:5×106, respectively. 1B8 was found to be of IgG1 subtype, 5E1 and 5E2 belonged to IgG2b subtype. In this study, the prepared mAbs are specific for detecting FMDV type Asia1, and is potentially useful for pen-side diagnosis.

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