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Deployment of wireless regional area network and its impact on DTV service coverage

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Prediction of digital TV (DTV) coverage has not considered the potential interference originating in the IEEE 802.22 Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN), which operates in the same TV bands. WRAN interference could affect DTV reception, resulting in DTV service outage in some areas. Spectrum sensing is a means of minimizing the interference by not operating WRAN in the TV band where DTV signal is detected to be present. However, limited sensing accuracy could lead to erroneous decision. This paper investigates the extent of which DTV service quality is affected by the operation of WRAN with limited sensing accuracy. One of the main factors that limit sensing accuracy is the variability in radio propagation channel. Depending on the characteristics of the statistical variation, radio channels are modeled as Gaussian, Rayleigh, Nakagami, and Rician channels in this paper. The probability of DTV service outage is analyzed and expressed as a function of sensing accuracy. The theoretical results presented here have been validated by the Monte Carlo simulations.

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