D-Grid: a national grid infrastructure in Germany


In 2005, Germany launched its ambitious D-Grid initiative to establish a national Grid infrastructure. Although the initiative is open to all groups interested in Grid computing, the current focus is on four target groups: academic computing centers, academic and commercial service providers, academic research communities, and private–public partnership communities. More than 30 projects within the initiative cooperate to solve technical problems, to generate appropriate organizational structures, and to define interfaces between the target groups. In this paper, we explain the general concept, report on the progress of these projects, and describe the key issues that have been identified in hindsight. Furthermore, we discuss the development of the initiative with respect to new trends like the various forms of cloud computing.

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The author is particularly thankful for the funding of the BMBF and for the cooperation of the numerous individuals that help in the formation of D-Grid.

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Correspondence to Uwe Schwiegelshohn.

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D-Grid is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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