UNICORE 6 — Recent and Future Advancements


UNICORE is a European Grid Technology with more than 10 years of history. Originating from the Supercomputing domain, the latest version UNICORE 6 has turned into a general-purpose Grid technology that follows established standards and offers a rich set of features to its users. The paper starts with an architectural insight into UNICORE 6, highlighting the workflow features, standards and the different clients. Next, the current state of advancement is presented by describing recent developments. The paper closes with an outlook on future planned developments.

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The work summarised in this paper was done by many people. We gratefully thank them for their past, present, and future contributions in developing the UNICORE technology. Most of the work described here was supported and funded by the Helmholtz Programme ‘Scientific Computing’ and various projects from the European Commission and national research ministries under the respective contract numbers.

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