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Speech signals protection via logo watermarking based on the time–frequency analysis


A procedure for logo watermarking of speech signals is proposed. In order to take full advantage of both time and frequency domains, we have used joint time–frequency representation of speech signal, which provides a more comprehensive information compared to each domain individually. Time–frequency-based selection of the discrete Fourier transform coefficients is used for logo embedding. The proposed coefficients selection provides both the imperceptibility and robustness requirements. The binary logo is embedded by using the concept of bit-plane modification. The logo extraction procedure is provided as well. The robustness of the proposed procedure is tested under various attacks such as compression, noise addition, filtering, re-sampling, re-quantization, time stretch, pitch scaling, etc.

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The authors are thankful to the anonymous reviewers for useful comments that helped to make the paper more complete.

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  • Logo watermarking
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