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Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control Considering the Actuator Failure of Forklift Anti-Rollover System

International Journal of Automotive Technology Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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An adaptive fault-tolerant anti-rollover fuzzy system is proposed to improve the anti-rollover performance of counterbalanced forklifts. Considering the actual control input, various unpredictable actuator failure models in the system are established. Based on the three degree-of-freedom (DOF) model of a counterbalanced forklift, an anti-rollover Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy system is established. The stability of this anti-rollover system is analyzed to ensure its stability under specific control inputs and external disturbances. When the upper limits of actuator faults and disturbances are unknown, an adaptive fault-tolerant control method is designed to update the controller parameters. The sufficient conditions for the stability of the forklift anti-rollover system in the presence of actuator faults and external disturbances are given using the Lyapunov stability theory. Simulation and real vehicle tests based on MATLAB/Simulink show that the anti-rollover system with adaptive fault-tolerant control can reduce impacts effectively and quickly after the actuator fails, thereby improving the safety and reliability of the forklift.

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m :

mass of the forklift

m s :

mass of car frame

v x :

longitudinal speed of the forklift

β̇ :

body sideslip angular velocity

ω :

yaw angular velocity of the forklift

a y :

lateral acceleration

φ :

frame roll angle

a :

distance from the front wheels to the center of mass

b :

distance from the rear wheels to the center of mass

δ :

angle of the rear wheel

F yf :

lateral force of front tires

F yr :

lateral force of rear tires

L :

distance between front and rear axles

K s :

equivalent contact stiffness

C s :

equivalent contact damping

T 1 :

front wheel vertical stiffness

B 1, B 2 :

front, rear track width

C fi, C ri :

front, rear wheel cornering stiffness


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This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation (52275100). The author would like to thank the state funding and all the participants for their assistance.

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