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Study on Anti-Rollover of the Counterbalance Forklift Based on Extension Hierarchical Control


The anti-rollover control actuator of a counterbalance forklift is determined by analysing its structural characteristics and roll-over mechanism. An anti-rollover control strategy for counterbalance forklifts based on extension decision is proposed, and the anti-rollover extension hierarchical controller, including the upper-layer extension and lower-layer execution controls, is designed. The upper-layer extension controller divides the forklift anti-rollover control domain into three types, namely, classical domain, extension domain and non-domain, and determines the weight coefficient of the lower-layer execution controller. The lower-layer execution controller receives the weight coefficient determined by the upper-layer extension controller, controls the weight distribution on the yaw rate and lateral acceleration controllers and executes the command to obtain the anti-rollover extension control of the counterbalance forklift. The European standard condition simulation and real vehicle test results show that the anti-rollover control strategy of the counterbalance forklift based on the extension decision can effectively reduce the forklift roll range under high-speed emergency steering conditions, prevent the forklift from rolling over and improve the stability and active safety of the counterbalance forklift.

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a y :

lateral acceleration, m/s2

ω r :

yaw rate, rad/s

θ :

body roll angle

» :

the weight coefficients of the lower yaw rate

μ :

the weight coefficients of lateral acceleration

F :

force, N

S :

displacement of the steering cylinder link, m

S(x, y) :

feature status of x and Y

a i :

lateral acceleration of the classical domain boundary

ω i :

yaw rate of the classical domain boundary

P i :

feature coordinate

ρ(x, y):

classical or extension domain

K (S):

the correlation function

k i :

quantisation factor

K i :

integral coefficient

K p :

proportionality coefficient

K d :

differential coefficient


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This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation (51875151). The author would like to thank the state funding and all the participants for their assistance.

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