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Book Review

The Diversity of Dyes in History and Archaeology. Kirby, Jo, ed. 2017. Archetype Publications Ltd, London, UK; designated in USA by JG Publishing Services, Los Angeles, CA. ix + 451 pp. (paperback). GBP 55.00, USD 95.00. ISBN 978-1-909492530.

Since ancient times, plant and insect dyes have been used to color textiles, paintings, and other substrates. Dyes in History and Archaeology is an annual conference starting from 1982 that brings together relevant research and work in various disciplines including history, textiles, artwork conservation, and conservation science. The Diversity of Dyes in History and Archaeologycontains papers derived from presentations at the conferences from 2003 to 2007. Despite the delay in publication, these papers are very relevant to current interests. This volume is an excellent reference combining absorbing results on the historical production; use and social context of dyes in Europe, the Far East, and the USA; the science and conservation of dyes; as...

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