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Foliar and Tuber Symptoms of U.S. Potato Varieties to Multiple Strains and Isolates of Potato virus Y

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American Journal of Potato Research Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Potato virus Y (PVY) causes both foliar and necrotic tuber symptoms in a wide range of varieties. Knowledge of these symptoms in specific varieties will help managers determine the best course of action when plants are infected with PVY. Multiple isolates of PVY from five strains of PVY were used to infect potato varieties. Five market classes were represented and an overall total of sixty-seven potato varieties were used. Visual foliar ratings showed the most severe symptoms were associated with strain PVYO and the mildest symptoms were associated with PVYN:O. Tuber symptoms were not present in the red market class but were present and accounted for 38% of the symptoms in the chip class, 29% in the russet class, and 58% in the specialty/white class. Necrotic tuber symptoms were produced by some isolates in some cultivars in all five PVY strains O, NTN, N:O, Nwi, NE-11.


El virus Y de la papa causa tanto síntomas foliares como tubérculo necrótico en una gran amplitud de variedades. El conocimiento de estos síntomas en variedades específicas ayudará a los administradores a determinar el mejor curso de acción cuando las plantas están infectadas con PVY. Se usaron múltiples aislamientos de PVY de cinco variantes para infectar variedades de papa. Se representaron cinco clases de mercado y se usaron un total de 67 variedades de papa. Las calificaciones foliares visuales mostraron que los síntomas mas severos se asociaron con la variante PVY O y los más ligeros se asociaron con PVY N:O. Los síntomas de tubérculo necrótico se produjeron por algunos aislamientos en algunas variedades en las cinco variantes O, NTN, N:O, Nwi, NE-11.

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This work was partially funded by USDA-NIFA- Specialty Crop Research Initiative award no. 2014-51181-22373.

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