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The Nuts and Bolts of Doing the Flora of the Bahama Archipelago: How Don Correll Worked

  • Jan Wassmer Stevenson
  • Dennis Wm. Stevenson


The Flora of the Bahama Archipelago was published in a little over 8 years after it was initiated. In this paper, we document how Correll managed this feat from the initial concept to herbarium and fieldwork to illustrations and collaborations. Both archival data and personal recollections are incorporated as a demonstration of how such a project was conceived, conducted, and completed.


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We wish to express our admiration and thanks to The College of the Bahamas, the Bahamas National Trust, Florida International University, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden for organizing the 30 year anniversary celebration of the publication of the Flora of the Bahama Archipelago in Nassau, and an accompanying symposium on current conservation and science challenges in the Bahamas. We believe that Don and Helen Correll would be pleased. How often we often heard them speak of their wish that the completed Flora would provide impetus for further studies of the Greater Antilles, South Florida and Bahamas-Caicos-Turks!

Our warm thanks to Brett Jestrow, Herbarium Curator, and Nancy Korber, Librarian/Archivist, , for their permission to work in the Fairchild Garden archives. Nancy and Fairchild volunteer Mary Ellen Gelberg generously gave of their time to help us research the Donovan S. Correll Collections and made many copies of correspondence for us to study back in New York.

Special thanks are due to John Popenoe, Director of Fairchild Garden during the wonderful years we were there in residence with the Corrells, for his personal recollections of Don Correll and for his suggestions on this manuscript.

Finally, thanks to Javier Francisco-Ortega for his frequent inquiries about our progress on this manuscript and his reminders to get on with our writing. Without Javier’s persistence, this recollection of the nuts and bolts of how Don Correll worked might never have been set down.

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