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Review of Carbon Fixation in Bamboo Forests in China


Bamboo is widespread in the subtropics and tropics of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The total area of bamboo forests of various species is 22.0 × 106 ha, accounting for about 1.0% of the total global area of forest. Although the total forest areas in many countries have decreased drastically, bamboo forests have increased at a rate of 3% annually. China has the richest resources of bamboo in the world, with over 500 species in 39 genera. Carbon storage of vegetation, soils, and litter in bamboo forest system in China was 0.2511 × 1015, 0.8516 × 1015, and 0.0361 × 1015 g C, respectively, giving a total of 1.1388 × 1015 g C. This paper reviews carbon storage of vegetation, soils, and litter in bamboo forest system and compares the carbon fixation abilities of bamboo forest ecosystems with those of other tree species in subtropical China.

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The authors wish to acknowledge the funding support from the Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 30972356), the Key Science and Technology Development project of Zhejiang Province (2007C13041) and the Innovative Team Fund (Category B) of Zhejiang Forestry University.

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