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Types and typifications of the Antillean endemic genus Leptocereus (Cactaceae)


During our work on the systematics of Leptocereus, we encountered numerous problems pertaining to the typification of many Cuban, Hispaniolan, and Puerto Rican species names. We here provide lectotypifications for 12 Leptocereus names. In addition, we designate five epitypes.

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We thank the curators and collections managers at the herbaria consulted for this work, which made it possible for us to evaluate types and other specimens needed for our type designations. We appreciate the clarifications and photos sent by A. Weiss on some specimens in NY. We also thank the National Geographic Society Explorer’s Grant (# 9939-16) and a grant from the National Science Foundation (GSS-1461496) for partial funding for this project. Finally, we thank R. Naczi (Associate Editor), B. Torke (Editor in Chief), R. Rankin, W. Greuter, and K. N. Gandhi for their critical revision and comments that improved the first version of the manuscript.

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