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Taxonomic novelties in Varronia (Cordiaceae): Rediscovery of V. neowediana and lectotypification of V. macrocephala


Varronia neowediana was rediscovered after a lapse of 176 years since its original publication. Here we provide the first illustration and a detailed description of this species, as well as a distribution map, and comments on its conservation and related species. The typification of Varronia macrocephala is also discussed, and a lectotype is designated.

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We are thankful to the curators of the ALCB, CEN, CEPEC, CTES, FCQ, G, HEPH, HUEFS, HUESB, HRB, HURB, IAN, IBGE, IPA, JPB, K, P, PEUFR, PY, QCA, QCNE, UB and UFP herbaria for permission to consult their collections, and for sending specimen loans; the curators of the BR, CEPEC and P herbaria for permission to reproduce images of specimens kept in their collections; and the curator of the IAC herbarium for sending a photograph and information; Regina Carvalho for preparing the line drawings; Erimágna Rodrigues for preparing the map; the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) for the PhD scholarship awarded to T. S. Silva (Proc. No. 141011/2017-3) and the Productivity Research Grant awarded to J. I. M. Melo (Proc. No. 303180/2019-6). This study was supported by The Rufford Foundation (Rufford Small Grant No. 24813-1) and PROPESQ-UEPB (Proc. No.

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