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Revision of the Serrulati species of Penstemon section Saccanthera subsection Serrulati

  • Noel H. Holmgren


A revision of Penstemon sect. Saccanthera subsect. Serrulati includes a new species (P. salmonensis), a new variety (P. triphyllus var. infernalis), and the elevation of a subspecies to species (P. curtiflorus), bringing the total number of species to eight, which are keyed and described, complete with nomenclature and type citations.


Penstemon subsection Serrulati new species Pacific Northwest flora 



I am fortunate to have the service of Bobbi Angel whose skillfully accurate and artistically rendered line drawings speak better than any written description in conveying characteristics of the plants. In addition to the value of seeing firsthand the many herbarium collections at CIC, ID, IDS, NY, SRP, UTC, and WS, I appreciate being warmly received and accommodated by the curators. Elizabeth Kiernan cheerfully provided me the technical assistance in producing the distribution maps. I appreciate the helpful critique from the reviewers, Andrea Wolfe and Mikel Stevens, and the assistance of Benjamin Torke in helping me get through technical hurdles of publishing electronically. Finally, I am so fortunate to have unfailing encouragement and editorial assistance from my wife, Patricia, who also serves as a constant companion and assistant in the field, in the herbaria we have visited, and, of course, at home.

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