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Tovomita megantha: A new species of Clusiaceae from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest


Tovomita megantha, a new species presumably endemic to submontane Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia, Brazil is described, illustrated, and its diagnostic features compared to those of similar species. The new species belongs to the informal group Chrysochlamydifoliae. It differs from Tovomita choisyana and Tovomita longifolia by having much larger pedicels, flower buds, and floral diameters. The species here described is the tallest of the known species of Tovomita in the Atlantic Forest.


Tovomita megantha, uma nova espécie presumivelmente endêmica da Floresta Atlântica brasileira do sul da Bahia, é aqui descrita, ilustrada e suas características diagnósticas são comparadas e discutidas com espécies similares. A nova espécie pertence ao grupo informal Chrysochlamydifoliae. Difere de Tovomita choisyana e Tovomita longifolia pelos pedicelos, botões florais e diâmetro das flores muito maiores. A espécie aqui descrita é a mais alta dentre as espécies conhecidas de Tovomita da Floresta Atlântica.

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We thank the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq) for awarding a PhD Fellowship to LCM (grant #141561/2015-7) and a Research Productivity Fellowship to AMA (grant # 306992/2012-4). Laboratory and fieldwork was financially supported by CNPq (Reflora Malpighiales grant # 563548/2010-0, Universal grant # 486079/2013–9 and PPBIO Mata Atlântica grant # 457483/2012-1). We also thank the Programa de Pós-Graduação em Botânica (PPPGBot/UEFS) for the laboratory structure, the anonymous reviewers for their invaluable contributions (we are standing on the shoulders of giants) and Cleiton S. Pessoa, José Lima da Paixão, and Lukas H. Daneu for their help during fieldwork.

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