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A new species of Drymonia (Gesneriaceae) from the eastern slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes


A new species, Drymonia ignea (Gesneriaceae, tribe Episcieae), is described from the eastern slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes from the provinces of Tungurahua, Napo, and Morona-Santiago. It differs from other species of Drymonia by the presence of an urceolate corolla, quadrangular stem, and cucullate calyx lobes.


Se describe una nueva especie, Drymonia ignea (Gesneriaceae, tribe Episcieae), de la vertiente oriental de los Andes Ecuatorianos, provincias de Tungurahua, Napo y Morona-Santiago. Esta nueva especie se diferencia de otras especies de Drymonia por la presencia de corola urceolada, tallo cuadrangular y lóbulos del cáliz cuculados.

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Support for this study was provided by the National Science Foundation (DEB-841958 and DEB-0949169). I thank Christian Feuillet for providing the Latin diagnosis and help in selecting the specific epithet; Sue Blackshear for preparing the illustration; John R. Clark and an anonymous reviewer for helpful comments on the manuscript; and Laura Clavijo for providing the Spanish translation of the abstract. The discovery of this species was made possible by a Fulbright Graduate Study and Research Abroad Scholarship (2002–2003).

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